During the siding replacement ten years ago, the property manager at that time was allowed to withdraw $24,500 in cash from Edgewater Accounts to pay two contractors.

3 Members of the responsible Board are on the current Board.

It lead to one contractor denying he had been paid. The auditor that owners hired was appalled, since this can lead to diversion of loss of Association funds. After two years of receiving no financial statements the audit showed the project was $110,000 over budget, which Owners had to come up with to pay off the construction loan.

Section B4a.4 of the Owner Protecting Bylaws that a group of Owners wrote addresses this.


Ten years ago, The then-president promised Owners a vote on building paint colors. 24 Owners voted for shades of gray with white trim. 4 voted for the Board’s multicolor proposal. The Board ignored the results and used their plan, which we are stuck with to this day.

Three members of the responsible Board are on the current Board.

Section B4a3.9 &3.10 of the Owner Protecting Bylaws would have addressed this.

The following violations and irregularities took place from 2010-2014 under the current Board or took place 2003-2005 while three of the current Board members were on the Board


Nine years ago, Board members were not charged late fees in violation of our Bylaws at that time. Each black tick represents a late fee not charged. The Association lost well over $1000. Meanwhile ordinary Owners were charged late fees every single month they were late (example below). Names have been hidden.

Three (3) members of the responsible Board are on the current Board. One Board member who profited from this is back on the Board again and another was back on the Board with him/her a couple of years ago.

Why do we even have Board members

so financially incompetent that they can’t keep up with their common fees?

Section B4a.3 of the Owner Protecting Bylaws would have addressed this.



  1. A.In the last 5 years the current Board, while increasing spending 79%, has been draining Edgewater’s total savings, reducing them by about $110,000.  Our Bylaws required the Board to add ~$88,000 to the Capital Reserves over that period.  Had they kept spending increases at the rate of inflation, Edgewater would have $388,000 in the bank, saving each Owner over $8000 in future fees. (Bylaws Article V; Section 20 as Amended Oct 2005)

  1. B.In 2011 the current Board failed to place 12% of Common fees in to the Capital Reserve for future projects, as required by the Bylaws. It took two years of multiple requests to obtain the records that prove this violation of the Bylaws. In 2012, the current Board spent $16,861 from the Capital Reserve Account without an Owner vote, another violation of our current Bylaws. (Bylaws Article V; Section 20 as Amended Oct 2005)

  1. C.The current Board allows Owners to attend only the first 20 minutes of their meetings, is not making the documents that they receive at those meetings available to all Owners, and there is evidence they have been meeting secretly to create a fourth draft of our Bylaws. This is all in violation of Connecticut Law (Chapter 828; Secrtion 47-250.

Last Board

Current Board

($21,000 NOT  put into Reserves contrary to Bylaws)

(Spending out of Reserves without Owner Vote - contrary to Bylaws)


Ten years ago, Edgewater Owners approved a $15,000 per Owner re-siding project for a total of $660,000.

Three members of the responsible Board are on the current Board and the project was overseen by our current president.

Total costs ballooned to $770,000, which was hidden from Owners until we demanded an audit. A summary of the audit results are on the right.

The 2005 Board negotiated a prepayment of the loan, saving Owners a great deal, but we still had to pay most of that $110,000 over-run.


Public Land Records show that our current President and his spouse have only 5% Ownership of “their” Unit, for which they paid $1.

That gives him a 1/1000th share of Edgewater Corporation. (All other Owners have a greater-than 2% share)

It’s probably legal to have our President, who has signing privileges on Edgewater Accounts, to have such a small stake in the Association. But is it wise?

SEE:   2014 Paving Bid (click here) that the Board has chosen to reject and has kept secret, but it would save each Owner thousands of dollars

No Late Fees for Board member

No Late Fees for another Board member

Late Fees every month without fail for every non-Board member