Below is a list of influential people who you can write to about the Fair Share Tax plan. There you can download and send FairShareTax Summary.pdf or one of these FairShareTaxes blurbs.doc.

Click here to download the list of addresses below to use as a Word merge document to print envelopes or labels. FSTenv.doc for the merge business-size envelope.

Click here for fax numbers and addresses for Congress (the 2012 easy to use list).

Click here for the updated 2013 but less convenient listings for Congress.

Fax or mail the FairShareTax Summary.pdf to as many Congressmen as possible. Faxes are preferred for Congressmen since snail-mail is often delayed a month or more due to security concerns.

Here are two websites with contact information for call-in radio shows, newspaper letters to the editor, and more: Contact Newspapers/Other Media    Contact Newspapers    Use the information in the box under A above to draft your comments and try to mention

If your name is on my list below and you would like it removed, contact me.